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Elite Berry

Bright, beautiful and naturally sweet, Elite Berry proudly produces high-quality, farm-fresh juicy and ripe berries. Thoughtfully-grown, and bursting with #NaturalGoodness, Elite Berry hand picks only the finest nutritious, delicious and brilliant award-winning berries.
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Growing Natural Berry

Perfect for desserts, packed lunches, picnics, sweet treats, and sunny days, we are the exclusive growers of local blueberries in the UAE.

We also grow, source and bring you nature’s finest, sweetest and juiciest raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries to be enjoyed around the world.
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Nature’s Finest Berries, Now in the UAE

Al Foah farm is the home of our locally-grown blueberries where we carefully grow our exclusive blueberry varieties from Australia’s Blue Mountain Orchard, including “Dazzle”, “Eureka”, “Eureka Sunrise”, and “First Blush”. It is also home to our “Diamond Jubilee” Raspberries, “Midnight” Blackberries, and “Florida Beauty”, “San Andrea”, and “Sensation” Strawberries.

Our premium range of berries are naturally pollinated by our own family of lovable and very helpful bumblebees.

And as we grow our berries seasonally and thoughtfully, we make sure to use the world’s precious resources to a minimum, whilst maximising flavour, quality and freshness.

We are passionate about bringing the world’s finest and freshest seasonal berries bursting with flavour to you.

Watch our Blueberry video to learn more.