Elite Global Fresh Trading

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Elite Global Fresh Trading

Elite Global Fresh Trading (EGFT) is a leading UAE-based producer of sustainably grown, premium quality farm-fresh produce full of #NaturalGoodness.

Thoughtfully Farm Grown

We bring fresh produce, bursting with #NaturalGoodness, to our customers direct from our own farms and other carefully selected producers.
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Delivering Farm Freshness, Fast

We grow, source and deliver high-quality fresh produce fast, through our full-scale, in-house operations, including our own future-ready farms located across the UAE, Africa, and Europe.

EGFT proudly contributes to local food security in the UAE by sourcing and importing the freshest produce from farms which only use biological pesticides.

We are the commercial arm and distributor of Elite Agro, and the brand owner of Elite Fresh, Elite Berry, and Elite Date brands.
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Nurturing Nature, Nourishing the Future

A subsidiary of Elite Agro Holding (EAG), the international agriculture division of Yas Holding, EGFT is able to source an extensive range of fresh, high-quality seasonal produce, direct from our own farms and from our carefully selected partners around the globe.

Our direct access to EAG’s expertise in farming, agriculture, and fresh food production, sourced from over 36 farms that we operate in the UAE and beyond, makes EGFT your freshness partner of choice.

Elite Agro also owns one of the UAE’s most loved dairy farms, Marmum, and delivers our farm fresh produce direct to our customers’ tables through the award-winning platform, Carrefour, Spinneys and other leading retailers.

With seamless end-to-end local and international operations and wide availability across leading supermarkets such as Spinneys and Carrefour, we deliver high quality seasonal produce our customers can trust.

The end result is natural, fresh food that help our customers live healthier lives.

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