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Global One Healthcare Holding

GlobalOne Healthcare Holding LLC operates as the Healthcare Division of Yas Holding LLC. We are driven by science-led innovations that deliver healthcare solutions to significantly improve patients’ lives and transform healthcare journey’s.
We are committed to providing value to the healthcare sector and society at large. Our companies provide cutting-edge Biopharma and IV solutions manufacturing, hospital management, healthcare consulting and medical supply chain services catering to government and private sector clients across emerging markets.
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With investments in leading bio-pharmaceuticals and innovative manufacturing solutions, our Healthcare Division is delivering on its commitment to healthcare outcomes and patient quality of life.

Our healthcare portfolio is committed to delivering world-class services across a range of areas including customised clinical and non-clinical hospital management and healthcare consultancy services. Our companies specialise in biopharma, hospital management, medical supply chain, manufacturing, and occupational health.

Our Products
& Services

  • Pharmaceuticals, biologics and biosimilars, IV and sterile fluid solutions, soft gelatin capsule and tablet manufacturing
  • Medical supply chain and state of the art medical warehousing serving 190+ hospitals and clinics with 25,000 SKU’s
  • 2500+ outsourced healthcare staff

Our Companies