About The Group

A Diverse Portfolio

Delivering Sustainable Value

Yas Holding is a renowned UAE-headquartered investment company with a multi-industry business portfolio spanning multiple sectors and more than 50 operating subsidiaries.
Active in sectors as diverse as healthcare, agriculture, food, technology, real estate, edu-tech, and aviation, our breadth of scope is underpinned and strengthened by our commitment to the provision of high-value, high-quality products, and services. Yas Holding’s diverse companies operate throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia.
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We Realise Potential

Yas Holding’s strategy centres on the identification and incubation of new investment initiatives.

The Group has investments in both local and international markets, and is focused firmly on opportunities that help to grow, diversify and build knowledge, skills, and technology in the UAE and beyond.

Our ultimate strategic driver is to invest opportunities that make a valuable contribution to the economic development of the country and communities in which we invest and operate.
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100% Emirati Owned

Our products and services are fully tailored to the needs of our customers, and our demonstrated ability to act swiftly to meet the strategic requirements of our clients and our Nation is unparalleled.

Our commitment to the ongoing development and success of the UAE, and our focus on areas of national strategic importance, serves to further differentiate us from our competitors.
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We Create Value

The Group is skilled at building companies from the ground up, and in growing talent and forming consortiums and joint ventures, which strengthen our extensive portfolios.

Yas Holding also works diligently with our clients to identify and capitalise on future opportunities, and where these opportunities are in the UAE’s national interest, the Group has a greater appetite for expansion.

Our values are:

Customer focus
Passion for excellence