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ITWorx Education

With more than fourteen years of expertise in education-and-learning solutions, ITWORX Education has specialised in creating innovative solutions that can scale from individual classroom level all the way up to nation-wide implementations with deployment success stories in over 2,000 schools. With our experience we have enabled education authorities, private and public schools, academies and colleges to achieve their technology led learning visions effectively and efficiently.

Our mission is to transform the learning and education industry by making learning more accessible to those who seek it. ITWORX Education supports lifelong learning through innovative solutions to drive learning outcomes and offer a digitally transformed experience to all citizens of the world.

Key Numbers

  • ITWorx Education solutions is used in more than 20 countries worldwide
  • ITWorx Education solutions are used by more than 2,000 education institutions
  • Over 600,000 students are engaged in learning through ITWORX solutions.

Contact Information

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Internet City, Building 16, Office #132 P.O.Box: 502843

Tel: +971 427 66049

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