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Welcome to Zobnatica. As one of the most respected companies in the agriculture industry we deliver best quality, maximum efficiency and innovative agriculture solutions.

Zobnatica is a highly reputed producer of fresh fruit and vegetables, which includes activities from cultivation to packaging, storage, logistics and trading. In 2016 the company started industrial potato production and a blueberry orchard which were expanded progressively over 2017 and 18. Today we are recognised as regional leaders in the production and distribution of blueberries, potatoes and we also produce significant yields of onions, peas, sweet corn, green beans plus many other field crops.
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Our vision

By continuously increasing the growth rate of agriculture development our products are present in the markets of neighbouring countries, EU and GCC countries. We use the state-of-the-art technological solutions in production of all our crops and all our processes are controlled by highly professional teams and organised in strict compliance with the recommendations of international safety standards for agronomic manufacturing processes.

We are leaders in the development process of new products, implementation of high-end technologies in agriculture and acquiring new markets.

Key Numbers

  • Zobnatica has 1,450 ha under cultivation
  • Zobnatica agriculture mechanization consists of fleet of over 140 machinery.

Contact Information

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+381 24 715 842