Elite Agriculture Management

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Elite Agriculture Management LLC

Established in 2019, Elite Agriculture Management (EAM) specialises in the construction of unique agriculture and agro-industrial projects in the UAE. A strategic agricultural company, EAM acts as a service provider to an important component of the agriculture industry, agri-food community, and wildlife development in the United Arab Emirates and overseas.

Due to the rapid growth of the agriculture business, and the need to secure fresh produce year-round, EAM commits to strengthening food production and food security through the comprehensive planning and implementation of agriculture projects.
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Our vision

EAM has extensive experience in this specialised field in addition to the capability to manage a wide variety of farming operations, including but not limited to fruit orchards, vegetable production, and livestock. We also strive to support and strengthen sustainability in the agriculture sector, by focusing on locally grown, efficient agriculture.

EAM serves local Supermarkets, Distributors/Traders, Govt. Sectors, Private Farming, and Yas Holding companies. We also encompass all activities related to planning, management, improvement, and agriculture production services.

Key Numbers

  • EAM operates 43 farms in the UAE established on thousands of hectares of protected fields (greenhouses).
  • 60,000+ date palm trees and fruit tree orchards
  • Botanical Gardens with over 1,000 species of plants and Honey Bee hives
  • Tens of thousands of Chickens, Ostriches, Ducks, Guinee Fowls, Turkey’s, Ducks, Indian Runners and Geese
  • We produces vast quantities of Vegetables (Tomato, Tomato Cherry, Egg Plant, Lettuce, Herbs, Leaves, Pepper, Fenugreek, Fennel), Fruits (Strawberry, Fig, Raspberry, Black Berry, Custard Apple, Physalis, Pomegranate, Grapes, Orange), Forages, Dates, Table Olives, Honey and Poultry

Contact Information

Elite Agriculture Management

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