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Advanced Technology Consultancy

Your Trusted Transformation Partner

Established in 2010, ATC’s initial goal was to be a managed service provider for the Group’s IT services. In 2013, it began implementations for smart government services, managed infrastructure, SDN, NGN and healthcare management solutions, demonstrating real value-add for its customers.

ATC differentiates its services with the ability to plan, design, and implement smart technology infrastructure and modern workplace transformations, relying on a team of talented engineers inspired by dynamic disruptive technologies.

Our primary product focus includes: DELL-EMC, Huawei, Juniper, Security, Microsoft, and Application Implementation Services.

ATC brings the right skills, technology and experience to assist decision makers to strive beyond static automation, as we place them on equal footing with their global rivals.

Key Numbers
• 25 + Hybrid transformational projects within UAE Government and Semi-government.
• UAE’s biggest education transformation project - enabling teachers & students in on-line learning

Learn more at: www.atc.co.ae 

Tel: 02 6147041

Fax: 02 444 4598


Digital Okta

Your trusted Cloud and Digital Transformation partner

At Digital Okta, we approach Cloud differently! It is our belief that technology should play a secondary role to solving your business needs, and we have done it ourselves by transforming our own mind-set and processes from legacy to modern software-driven environments.

Unlike our competition, we are deeply ingrained into the region’s technology fabric with local expertise, experience and knowledge of the local cultural and business climate. Our offering integrates a complete Cloud stack with infrastructure you need for computing and storage (IaaS), a platform to create your business applications (PaaS) and Cloud Application Services (SaaS) to run your applications by leveraging Cloud, Mobility, AI, IoET and Big Data to better transform businesses.

We can help companies navigate through the regional regulatory and compliance landscape with ease, and optimise your architecture with an affordable pay as you go service. We work with your IT team to securely migrate your data by leveraging the best technology from the biggest names in the industry, to make sure that your applications are not just secure but highly available to your employees and customers. Our Cloud Technology Portfolio combines the expertise of our people with the technology of some of the biggest cloud providers in the world, to create a truly unique proposition for you and your business.

Cloud is a journey, not a destination, and Digital Okta is here to embark along with you on this journey.

Key Numbers
• 50+ Government Cloud adoption use cases in UAE
• 20+ varied industry reach
• 15+ digital transformation projects within UAE Government.

Learn more at: www.digitalokta.ae

Tel: 02 6147041

Fax: 02 444 4598


ITQAN Al Khaleej Computers

30 years of outstanding work in the market with over 35 partnerships with multinational vendors.

ITQAN Al Khaleej Computers is one of the leading Systems Integrators in the UAE market. It is known for providing Enterprise clients with world-class solutions addressing local business needs.

ITQAN was established in 1984 and is 100% UAE-owned. The word ‘ITQAN’ can be translated from Arabic as “perform with precision”. ITQAN employs over 100 leading international IT professionals who are based in our offices located in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

ITQAN offers state of the art technologies including: Portals & Content Management, Imaging, Archiving, Optical Network Solutions, Document Management & Workflow Automation, Health Care Information Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, Learning & Performance Management, Security Systems, Audiovisual Systems & Infrastructure, ICT Infrastructure, Cyber Security and Customer Relationship Management Solutions.

Today, ITQAN is one of the preferred systems integrator and application solutions provider for the major market sectors including Government, Semi-Government, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Banking & Finance, and Real Estate.

Our Mission:
To be the best advanced technology systems integrator and drive customer loyalty through delivering high quality projects with world class services and resources.

Learn more at: www.itqan.ae 

+971 2 6767666,  +971 2 4037999

General Inquiries: GMO@itqan.ae 

Sales Inquiries:  sales@itqan.ae   

About Nebras Education Holding

Nebras Education Holding is the education-technology division of Yas Holding specialised in innovative, fully integrated, and technology-based education solutions and services, including learning and school management, digital reading platforms, and assessments, to deliver the best learning experience within modern and diverse environments.

Our subsidiaries, Ibtikar, Second Step and ITWorx Education, develop a fully integrated education ecosystem to inspire and engage students, teachers & parents, as well as to enhance efficiency and transparency in educational institutions. With our bespoke solutions, we enable seamless access to digital learning content from leading publishers on our personalised content platforms. We also offer products and services for corporate entities to develop employee skill sets further and promote lifelong learning. All our products and services seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and Microsoft Learn.

At present, our solutions are deployed to over 2,000 education establishments, serving more than one million students and one million teachers across the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe, with expansion plans to Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Who we serve

Education & Training

1. Ministries of Education: When we work on a large-scale project, we partner with our clients in enabling a full digital transformation journey. We consult on technology solutions, technology adoption, curriculum development, Design and Technology tools and gadgets, funding, and cost optimization. We also ensure sustainability through knowledge transfer, and our products can be white-labeled to maintain our customers’ brand identity. Related solutions and services include:

a. Enterprise School Information System
b. Learning Management Platform
c. Training Management System
d. Classroom Management
e. Digital Books Reading Platform
f. Design and Technology Kits
g. Digital Learning Content Platforms
h. Digital Books Production
i. Curriculum Development
j. Education Digital Transformation Consultancy

2. Government Organizations: we offer our solutions for professional development for government organizations as well as national projects for upskilling public talents. Our experience includes nationwide programs for preparing future leaders as well as implementing training management solution for employees’ professional development. Related solutions and services include:

a. Training Management System
b. Curriculum Development

3. Corporates: Corporates are interested in having different sources for professional development for their employees. For the majority of companies, training needs are fulfilled through multiple providers and channels ranging from inhouse, 3rd party online providers or 3rd party classroom-based training providers. We help corporates to have one solution to plan and manage employee training and training needs while allowing access to different training providers and channels. Related solutions include:

a. Training Management System
b. Curriculum Development

4. Schools and School Chains: Our education solutions are available as SaaS and are extremely easy to adopt and configure. They are designed to meet the needs of individual students, teachers, and school management, and deliver immediate positive impact on both quality and cost of education. We also empower schools with design and technology kits and curriculum to support creativity, innovation and design skills for students. Related solutions include:

a. Learning Management Platform
b. Classroom Management
c. Digital Learning Content Platforms
d. Design and Technology Kits

Our solutions

Enterprise School Information System

Learning Management Platform

Training Management System

Classroom Management

Digital Books Reading Platform

Design and Technology Kits

Digital Learning Content Platforms

Our Services

Digital Books Production

Curriculum Development

Education Digital Transformation Consultancy


We are Ibtikar. We deliver innovation and excellence and are a leader in Education Technology.

Ibtikar is a leading UAE-based consultancy specialising in innovative, technology-based, educational solutions, products and services. Catering to all education sectors, private and government, we pride ourselves on maintaining strong partnerships with clients and stakeholders ensuring client's voice, collaboration, cultural sensitivity and trust. All products are locally-designed and built, in consultation with clients, to deliver a tailored product that meets the needs of the client yet delivers innovation and excellence within a modern and diverse learning environment.

Key Numbers 300,000+ Engaged students Serving 700 Schools Providing thousands of Ibtibot kits to help shape our nation’s future. 70,000+ Ibtikar Maker Kits 16,000+ Ibtibot Kits

Learn more at: www.ibtikar.io 

Tel: +971 4 3821140  


Second Step

We deliver solutions that make a difference to people’s lives.

Established in 2014, Second Step delivers world-class client solutions predominantly within the Education and Healthcare sectors that demonstrate real added value to customers.

Second Step is a CMMI Dev. v1.3 Level 3 appraised company and adopts an agile approach to software development and product build. We bring expert knowledge in the fields of education and health coupled with our robust scalable solutions. Our in-house framework and solid technical expertise allow complex demands to be quickly turned into tangible solutions.

Key Numbers
We have more than 100 people, distributed in our development centres in Abu Dhabi (UAE), Irbid (Jordan) and Cairo (Egypt).

Education – Second Step’s Al Manhal School Management System is currently deployed to over 2,000 education establishments. It is widely used across the entire UAE, serving approximately 600,000 students, more than 35,000 teachers and over 80,000 school staff.

Health – Second Step Healthcare Information System is deployed in Al Azhar Hospital in Egypt, which contains 750 inpatient beds and over 8,000 registered patients.

Learn more at:  www.secondstep.ae

Tel:+971 2 657 8350 

Mob: +971 (2) 556 6586 


ITWorx Education

With more than fourteen years of expertise in education-and-learning solutions, ITWORX Education has specialised in creating innovative solutions that can scale from individual classroom level all the way up to nation-wide implementations with deployment success stories in over 2,000 schools. With our experience we have enabled education authorities, private and public schools, academies and colleges to achieve their technology led learning visions effectively and efficiently.

Our mission is to transform the learning and education industry by making learning more accessible to those who seek it. ITWORX Education supports lifelong learning through innovative solutions to drive learning outcomes and offer a digitally transformed experience to all citizens of the world.

Key numbers:
• ITWorx Education solutions is used in more than 20 countries worldwide • ITWorx Education solutions are used by more than 2,000 education institutions • Over 600,000 students are engaged in learning through ITWORX solutions.

Learn more at:  www.itworx.education

Mob: +971551059076