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We are Ibtikar. We deliver innovation and excellence and are a leader in Education Technology. Ibtikar is a leading UAE-based consultancy specialising in innovative, technology-based, educational solutions, products and services. Catering to all education sectors, private and government, we pride ourselves on maintaining strong partnerships with clients and stakeholders ensuring client's voice, collaboration, cultural sensitivity and trust. All products are locally-designed and built, in consultation with clients, to deliver a tailored product that meets the needs of the client yet delivers innovation and excellence within a modern and diverse learning environment.

Key Numbers

  • 300,000+ Engaged students Serving 700 Schools Providing thousands of Ibtibot kits to help shape our nation’s future.
  • 70,000+ Ibtikar Maker Kits 16,000+ Ibtibot Kits

Contact Information

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+971 4 3821140