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Digital Okta

Your trusted Cloud and Digital Transformation partner. At Digital Okta, we approach Cloud differently! It is our belief that technology should play a secondary role to solving your business needs, and we have done it ourselves by transforming our own mind-set and processes from legacy to modern software-driven environments.

Unlike our competition, we are deeply ingrained into the region’s technology fabric with local expertise, experience and knowledge of the local cultural and business climate. Our offering integrates a complete Cloud stack with infrastructure you need for computing and storage (IaaS), a platform to create your business applications (PaaS) and Cloud Application Services (SaaS) to run your applications by leveraging Cloud, Mobility, AI, IoET and Big Data to better transform businesses.
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Our vision

We can help companies navigate through the regional regulatory and compliance landscape with ease, and optimise your architecture with an affordable pay as you go service. We work with your IT team to securely migrate your data by leveraging the best technology from the biggest names in the industry, to make sure that your applications are not just secure but highly available to your employees and customers. Our Cloud Technology Portfolio combines the expertise of our people with the technology of some of the biggest cloud providers in the world, to create a truly unique proposition for you and your business.

Cloud is a journey, not a destination, and Digital Okta is here to embark along with you on this journey.

Key Numbers

  • 50+ Government Cloud adoption use cases in UAE
  • 20+ varied industry reach
  • 15+ digital transformation projects within UAE Government.

Contact Information

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Digital Okta

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