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Tourist congress centre Zobnatica

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Zobnatica is a unique tourist complex with a long tradition, and history dating back to 1779, which includes a variety of tourist attractions.

The Zobnatica lake was formed in 1976 in the valley of the river Krivaja with an area of 226 hectares and a length of 5 km. The lake has become a genuine tourist attraction where visitors can swim, enjoy sports, food and fishing.

Zobnatica is a centre of horse breeding and equestrian sports with a long tradition. The horse farm was founded in 1779 and the unique nature in the Backa plain was a perfect place for lovers of equestrian sports. Guests can enjoy riding in nature, a horseback riding school, as well as horse-drawn carriage rides. The horse farm is in the heart of Zobnatica with a Hippodrome and covered arena.
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Our vision

Within the tourist congress centre Zobnatica, there are also a unique museum of horsemanship built in the shape of a horseshoe, an art gallery, Miznah Hotel & Resorts and the former Castle of the family Terlei – (Hotel Kastel) which was converted into a hotel in 2012 and is under the protection of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments.

Miznah Hotel & Resorts with Hotel Kastel have in total 30 luxuriously equipped rooms with 65 beds. Visitors can relax in the cafe bar, à la carte international restaurant, or enjoy the view from the beautifully decorated terrace overlooking Zobnatica Lake. Visitors can also use our brand new Fitness Centre and Spa zone and a special colourful playroom is provided for our youngest guests.

The congress centre Zobnatica provides unique opportunities for hosting various life events, as well as congresses, seminars, team building activities and other business events.

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