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The Traditional Taste of Natural Goodness

Explore the traditional taste of Natural Goodness. Delightfully delicious, Elite Dates bring together the rich flavours of tradition from a wide range of home-grown and world-renowned date varieties.

Our pursuit for superior quality produce starts with sustainable farming at our date farms across the UAE and beyond, and continues onward to our passion for environment-friendly packaging that seals in freshness, naturally.
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Goodness Grown & Trusted

At Elite Dates, we bring the gift of natural goodness from our farms to your home.

Discover our full range of premium local and imported dates:

• Home-Grown Varieties: Khalas, Lulu, Fard, Bumaan, Dabas, Khenaizi

• World-Renowned Varieties: Medjool, Sukkari, and Deglet Noor

Elite Dates is a subsidiary of Elite Agro Holding, the agriculture division of Yas Holding.