Al Ain Plant Biotech

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Protecting Our Date Palm Heritage

Al Ain Plant Biotech & Nurseries, part of Elite Agro Holding (EAG), the food and agriculture division of the Yas Holding group, focuses on the commercial production of date palm plants through an advanced tissue culture method developed at our Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory.
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Nurturing Over 120 Date
Palm Species

Established in 1989, transferring to a new building in 1993 and acquired by EAG in 2021, the Plant Tissue Laboratory produces high-quality date palm varieties. In affiliation with The Palm and Dates Development Studies and Research Unit of United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain, the nursery and laboratory spans five hectares, with 19 greenhouses and 10 nurseries as hardening centres.
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State of the Art Plant Laboratory

The Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory covers a total area of 2,400 square meters, including a 1,200 square meter sterile area to ensure tissue security and quality. With eight plant growth rooms with photoperiod light and two dark growth rooms, the laboratory has a total capacity of 125,000 tissue jars alongside workstations 40 (20 Laminar Flow Hoods) that are together able to achieve a total annual production capacity of half a million plants.

Our tissue culture-raised date palm plants are exported internationally across the GCC and beyond to Egypt, India, Somalia, Iraq, Mauritania, Libya, and Thailand. To date, the laboratory has produced and distributed over one million high-quality date palm plants spanning approximately 120 different varieties.

Key Numbers

  • Founded more than 33 years ago
  • 500,000 plants total annual production capacity
  • 125,000 total tissue jar capacity, with 40 workstations
  • 19 greenhouses and 10 nursery hardening centres
  • 2,400 square meter plant tissue culture laboratory
  • A 1,200 square meter sterile area to ensure tissue security and quality
  • Date palm plants are culture-raised and exported to GCC countries, Egypt, India, Somalia, Iraq, Mauritania, Libya, and Thailand

Contact Information

Al Ain Plant Biotech & Nurseries Company
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