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We are Ibtikar. We deliver innovation and excellence and are a leader in Education Technology.

Ibtikar is a leading UAE-based consultancy specialising in innovative, technology-based, educational solutions, products and services. Catering to all education sectors, private and government, we pride ourselves on maintaining strong partnerships with clients and stakeholders ensuring client's voice, collaboration, cultural sensitivity and trust. All products are locally-designed and built, in consultation with clients, to deliver a tailored product that meets the needs of the client yet delivers innovation and excellence within a modern and diverse learning environment.

Key Numbers 300,000+ Engaged students Serving 700 Schools Providing thousands of Ibtibot kits to help shape our nation’s future. 70,000+ Ibtikar Maker Kits 16,000+ Ibtibot Kits

Learn more at: www.ibtikar.io 

Tel: +971 4 3821140  


Second Step

We deliver solutions that make a difference to people’s lives.

Established in 2014, Second Step delivers world-class client solutions predominantly within the Education and Healthcare sectors that demonstrate real added value to customers.

Second Step is a CMMI Dev. v1.3 Level 3 appraised company and adopts an agile approach to software development and product build. We bring expert knowledge in the fields of education and health coupled with our robust scalable solutions. Our in-house framework and solid technical expertise allow complex demands to be quickly turned into tangible solutions.

Key Numbers
We have more than 100 people, distributed in our development centres in Abu Dhabi (UAE), Irbid (Jordan) and Cairo (Egypt).

Education – Second Step’s Al Manhal School Management System is currently deployed to over 2,000 education establishments. It is widely used across the entire UAE, serving approximately 600,000 students, more than 35,000 teachers and over 80,000 school staff.

Health – Second Step Healthcare Information System is deployed in Al Azhar Hospital in Egypt, which contains 750 inpatient beds and over 8,000 registered patients.

Learn more at:  www.secondstep.ae

Tel:+971 2 657 8350 

Mob: +971 (2) 556 6586 


ITWorx Education

With more than fourteen years of expertise in education-and-learning solutions, ITWORX Education has specialised in creating innovative solutions that can scale from individual classroom level all the way up to nation-wide implementations with deployment success stories in over 2,000 schools. With our experience we have enabled education authorities, private and public schools, academies and colleges to achieve their technology led learning visions effectively and efficiently.

Our mission is to transform the learning and education industry by making learning more accessible to those who seek it. ITWORX Education supports lifelong learning through innovative solutions to drive learning outcomes and offer a digitally transformed experience to all citizens of the world.

Key numbers:
• ITWorx Education solutions is used in more than 20 countries worldwide • ITWorx Education solutions are used by more than 2,000 education institutions • Over 600,000 students are engaged in learning through ITWORX solutions.

Learn more at:  www.itworx.education

Mob: +971551059076